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8 February 17:00SUP46


Finally - the first CMO goes Tech event is to take place. A new network for the CMO of the future founded by Cecilia Hjertzell and Gül Heper. We believe that the modern CMO role will become broader and offer more exciting business responsibility as being the bridge between commercial and IT in addition to being a strong asset to the top management.

Feel free to invite like-minded to the network and the event. Please make sure to register for both the event as well as member on the linked group: CMO goes Tech Linkedin group

17.00 Welcome to the first CMO goes Tech -meetup.
The founders of CMO goes Tech, Gül Heper and Cecilia Hjertzell, will kick off the event with a 2018 trend exploration, and marketing technologies will of course be in focus.

17.30 Blockchain is often referred to as the next big shift in technology, but so far the focus has mainly been within the financial sector. Blockchain will most certainly affect the communication landscape as well. How? That, and much more, will tonight’s keynote speaker Robert Eirfjell, Director Cashless Society at HiQ, tell us about.
17.50 To be able to code creates much better understanding of today’s technology landscape. Madeleine Harju, the founder of HR goes Tech, will share her experiences from learning HR managers to code, in Stockholm and London. Might this be relevant to CMO:s as well?

18.00 An open-discussion about the role of the CMO and the hopes and expectations on the CMO goes Tech network. Moderated by Gül Heper and Cecilia Hjertzell

18.15 Time for mingle and to get to know your network

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All you need to know

We're so happy that SUP46 will have us as guests for the first meetup that will start at 17:00, February 8. The event will kick-off at 17.00 and finish at 19.00.
Drinks and snacks will be served.

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